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GORE-TEX® is a premium and now legendary membrane. It is considered the absolute world leader in the functional materials market. The high purchase price is balanced by its unique properties. It is an extremely light and thin Teflon membrane used in laminate form. It is both waterproof and vapour permeable, yet windproof. The material itself is water repellent, the individual pores of the membrane are 20000 times smaller than a drop of water and at the same time 700 times larger than water vapour molecules (sweat). The wind resistance is due to the labyrinthine structure of the membrane, which is an insurmountable barrier to wind.

Tilak is the only Czech outdoor company that has met Gore's strict criteria and is allowed to manufacture and sell GORE-TEX® products under its own brand.

Products made of GORE-TEX® are waterproof, windproof and optimally vapour permeable. They are designed for the widest range of uses from hiking in mountain environments to everyday wear in the city. The materials in this category are available as two- and three-layer laminates and can be equipped with a range of additional technologies. GORE-TEX® in a three-layer version with a new generation tricot lining offers a very good level of mechanical resistance while maintaining a low weight.

GORE-TEX® Paclite® Plus

Technology using two-layer material construction. The GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to a very lightweight yet mechanically durable upper material. The reverse side is treated with a special treatment to guarantee its proper function and long life. Thanks to the absence of a lining, GORE-TEX® Paclite® Plus products are lightweight and highly packable while remaining 100% waterproof and windproof.


GORE-TEX® Active

The GORE-TEX® Active membrane is extremely vapour permeable. With its properties and low weight, GORE-TEX® Active products are ideal for very demanding activities such as running, cycling, ski mountaineering, etc.

The lighter and thinner GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to a soft, highly functional textile. Combining the lining directly with the membrane ensures extreme vapour permeability, light weight (no garment weighs more than 400g) and excellent skin comfort. However, these properties come at the expense of mechanical durability, which is inferior to other GORE-TEX® membrane materials.

GORE-TEX® ShakeDry™

Revolutionary technology that eliminates the upper material and the face is made directly from the GORE-TEX® membrane. This unique solution offers permanent water repellency and non-absorbency as well as an exceptional vapour permeability value of Ret < 3.0. Products with GORE-TEX® technology are strictly designed for the most demanding activities such as performance running or road cycling and cannot be used with any backpack.


Extremely durable material of the highest quality. Products with GORE-TEX® Pro membrane are designed for use in harsh and extreme conditions. Use them wherever you need to rely 100% on your equipment. GORE-TEX® Pro will never let you down, whether you are a mountaineer, a ski mountaineer, an extreme skiing enthusiast or you like to climb challenging terrain.  

The new generation of GORE-TEX® multi-layer membrane with its unique structure is laminated with a highly durable, long-lasting outer fabric (40-200 days) and a specially developed Micro Grid hard lining. The combination of all important material parameters (waterproof, windproof, vapour permeability and durability) sets a new level of quality for the entire outdoor industry.


GORE-TEX® Infinium™ Windstopper®

Maintenance tips for GORE-TEX® Infinium™ Windstopper®

This category of materials is used wherever you do not need 100% protection against water penetration. It combines the comfort of a comfortable mid-layer with the maximum resistance to cold wind, light rain and snow. It offers a considerable degree of comfort and freedom of movement for a variety of activities in a variety of weather conditions. GORE-TEX® Infinium™ Windstopper® materials are available as both double and triple layer and can be fitted with additional insulation.


The most effective thermal insulation material on the market. It is the direct successor to the legendary POLARGUARD 3D / Delta insulation. The absolute world leader. The strongest, most durable, lightest, highly durable, flexible, quick drying. Compared to any competitor, it retains the longest "loft", even after repeated use, compression, washing and drying. In terms of insulating properties, it most closely resembles feathers of all synthetic insulations. It does not fray, the fibres do not separate, do not wrinkle and do not form tufts. There is no thinning of the insulation material or areas without filling even after years of use.

The first predecessor of today's waterproof textiles. Its secret lies in the use of very long cotton fibres (only 2% of the world's cotton production meets the requirements for Ventile®) for the yarn, which are woven into a very tight weave. Ventile® has a 30% denser weave than conventional fabric. When exposed to water, the fibres absorb it and increase their volume. This completely closes the gaps in the warp and the needle punctures and prevents further water penetration. Ventile® is highly waterproof, but is not 100% waterproof by current standards and is not a replacement for modern membrane materials with taped seams. Like any natural material, it is not colourfast and will fade and acquire the right patina with use and washing. Ventile® does not rust and its high level of waterproofing and fire resistance makes it a sought after and time-tested alternative to synthetic materials. It has a loyal following amongst Bush Craft enthusiasts, nature lovers and photographers.



Polartec® Power Stretch®

Elastic fleece with high thermoregulation capacity. It is a very tightly woven and short cut material. It offers exceptional durability and light weight. The proportion of polyamide in the material guarantees a much higher mechanical resistance than conventional fleeces. POLARTEC® POWER STRETCH® is highly breathable and does not absorb body moisture. It works perfectly as an insulating layer under membrane material, but can also be used as an extremely comfortable and warm layer of clothing for every day use.

Polartec® Alpha®

Insulating material originally developed for the special forces of the US Army. Helps maintain optimal body thermoregulation during movement and at rest. It is characterized by high vapor permeability and low weight.


Material with very well balanced properties. Combines low weight with good mechanical resistance. It has a permanent DWR treatment to ensure water resistance. It is mainly used for insulated products and lightweight windbreakers.


A new type of knitted insulation material developed by the Japanese manufacturer Teijin. The face side is wear-resistant, the inner side provides sufficient thermal comfort and fast sweat removal.

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