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We are launching the Second Chance project

With the opening of the new Prague store, we decided to launch the Second Chance project on Wednesday 17 May. Its purpose is to provide Salvation Army field workers with quality equipment, in cooperation with you, our customers.

Every year when we introduce a new collection, we hear from you: "Improved fits, new models and new colours, that's great! But my Alpamayo (Raptor, Storm...) still holds up. Even if the jacket has suffered a wrinkle here and there, the colour has faded and the performance of the new materials is better today, why should I throw it away?"

For those of you who put off getting new gear for similar reasons, or don't want to just throw your travel buddy away, we've put together a program called Second Chance. We have established cooperation with the Salvation Army charity organization, whose field workers we want to offer used, but still good quality and functional clothing. If you send or bring us your old but still usable and washed GORE-TEX® jacket from any manufacturer, we will offer you a 20% discount on Tilak products. We will repair your jacket, sew on a special patch and make sure it gets into the right hands. 

So how can you participate?

  • In order for us to include your jacket in the Second Chance programme, it must be clean and functional. Small holes or a stuck zipper are fine, we will repair such defects if necessary. We will not accept products with massive delamination of the material, dirt or tape peeling off the seams. The decision as to whether a 20% discount on the purchase of Tilak products will be granted for a returned product is reserved to the staff of Tilak, Inc.
  • Bring the jacket to one of our stores or send it to Žerotínova 627/81, 787 01 Šumperk. You must include at least a note marked "Second Chance" with your name, address, e-mail and phone number. As soon as we consider the jacket usable for the project, we will contact you and help you to place an order.

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