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User guide - Textile

To preserve the properties of your garment, you need to give it proper care and maintenance. Always check the information on the sewn-in label. The extraordinary function of the GORE-TEX® membrane will be preserved even after multiple washes.

All weather is good weather

With GORE-TEX® products we can enjoy outdoor activities without coming home cold, wet and sweaty. Products using GORE-TEX® technology keep our bodies warm and dry in a variety of weather conditions. But GORE-TEX® products don't just make us more comfortable. They also feature high durability, easy maintenance and a satisfaction guarantee provided by W. L. Gore & Associates.

In the case of heavier localised soiling (grease on the inside of the collar, hood or sleeve cuffs) it is advisable to clean these areas with a soft brush and a solution of lukewarm soapy water. Only then wash the whole product in the recommended manner.

If you wear your GORE-TEX® clothing by the sea or near salt water, you should rinse them regularly. This will prevent the formation of salt deposits that attract moisture. However, the function of the GORE-TEX® membrane is not impaired by salt water.


Always read the manufacturer's maintenance label first. Most GORE-TEX® outerwear can be maintained as follows:
Machine wash in warm water (40°C), do not wring, and dry by drip or warm air in a tumble dryer. Do not bleach, iron with a slightly warm iron.

For best results, it is important to rinse the product thoroughly after washing to remove any soap or detergent residue. Remember, it is important to tumble dry or iron the garment after washing as this restores the water repellency of the face fabric. Avoid using fabric softeners and other fabric softeners!

Wash at least 4 times a year under normal use. Wash after every major event - holidays, expeditions, etc.

Chemical cleaning

The garment may be dry cleaned unless otherwise stated on the label.


Ironing (without steam) can restore the water-repellent effect of the outer fabric.

Tumble drying

GORE-TEX® garments can be tumble dried on a low temperature setting.


Do not use bleaching agents containing chlorine.

Jak pečovat o oblečení

Durable water repellent treatment (DWR)

This treatment does not adversely affect the function of the GORE-TEX® membrane. Garments with this treatment repel dirt and water. The soaked outer garment causes heat dissipation. The good water repellency will also protect the wearer from the cold. The GORE-TEX® fabric is treated with a DWR water repellent treatment during the manufacturing process. This treatment is not permanent.

When water stops forming droplets on the outer material, the garment must be treated with a water repellent. Use Fibertec's eco-friendly Textile Guard products. Do not use any product that contains silicone. To achieve the correct water repellent effect, the impregnation should be heat activated by ironing according to the label instructions or in a tumble washer at low temperature.

It is better to wash the garment more often with a small amount of detergent than only occasionally and with a large amount.


Outdoor enthusiasts often require lightweight clothing that they then expose to harsh conditions in the world's harshest environments. Proper maintenance can positively contribute to extending the life of clothing used in such conditions. Tearing or puncturing any waterproof or water resistant product will cause it to shed water. To prevent damage to the waterproof or waterproof barrier on these products, regular care and appropriate use should be observed.

Even if we are as careful as possible, we cannot prevent accidental damage to clothing that requires repair. Due to the complex structure of GORE-TEX® waterproof clothing, not just anyone can make this repair. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer of the garment. Minor repairs can be made with a GORE-TEX® fabric repair kit. Only washed garments can be repaired. Seam tape cannot be applied to soiled garments.


If you have any questions regarding maintenance and repair, please contact info@tilak.cz

How to get the most out of GORE-TEX® clothing

Although GORE-TEX® outerwear is highly breathable, it cannot act as an air conditioning system. If our body gets warm, we start to sweat no matter what we are wearing. Breathable clothing does not prevent sweating, it only allows gaseous moisture (evaporation of sweat) from the surface of the body to penetrate into the external environment. During vigorous activity, our bodies can produce more sweat than our clothes can wick away (overloading the system) and moisture can build up. This can be prevented by unzipping and airing clothing, removing excess insulation and, as a last resort, reducing the level of activity.

Ensuring comfort

Modern clothing systems designed for outdoor use are able to guarantee our comfort in any weather, from a windy summer evening to a wild January gale. These systems contain three layers: a layer of suction, a layer of insulation and a top layer of weather protection. The suction layer both insulates and wicks liquid moisture away from the skin. The insulation layer covers the suction layer and is made of a variety of thermal insulating fibres. The weatherproofing layer, usually called outerwear, must be waterproof so that moisture from the outside environment does not penetrate to the body, and breathable so that moisture evaporated by the body does not accumulate in the insulation layer. Another essential feature is effective wind protection.

Correct fastening of the two-way zipper

How to fasten a two-way zipper correctly? Watch the video:

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