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Ultralite boxers long

Silver lite is extremly light material with only 140g/m2. Combination of 78% of Polyamid and 22% of Polyester without using elastane is extremly breathable and dries very fast. Material prevents peelingand reduces bacteria.


78% polyamid
22% polyester

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  1. 3D technology
    Arcticles are completly manufactured on a 3Dknitting machine. In one work process that is computer-con-trolled and matched exactly to the human body.
  2. Double face technology
    Double knitting procedure combines two different fibres to a unique functional garment made of two layers. Inner layers lies directly on the skin and transfers moisture immediately to the outer layer. Outer layer absorbe the moisture and transfers it outwards.
  3. Flat seams
  4. Air and moisture channels
    Microfine channels allow air to circulate on the skin and ensure quick removal of moisture.
  5. Soft finish seamless
    Latest knitting technology so-called transfer edge is smoothly incorporated in the article to increase the comfort.
  6. Quick dry system
    Our articles dry quicker than others. This is because we avoid using elastane as elastane accumulates moisture.


  • Seamless technology Seamless technology
  • Doubleface technology Doubleface technology
  • Quickdry system Quickdry system
  • Stretch fabric Stretch fabric
  • Rychlý odvod vlhkosti od těla
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