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To Lofoten under the flag of Tilak

Yes, that is how the title of this article could also be stated, i.e. to Lofoten under the flag of Tilak. I have been organizing photographic expeditions for more than 13 years and you can find the full range of them at www.smidphotography.com. Lofoten is one of the most popular destinations among photographers. The combination of breathtaking landscapes, the Northern Lights, minimal light pollution and as a bonus fresh cod for dinner - well, who could resist.

I've been working with Tilak for a while now. Maybe for a decade. No wonder. I can't imagine any expedition without their Svalbard jacket. Okay, I don't take it to Tuscany, but there I have the lightweight Nebba or the backup Tind, a jacket for every eventuality. Not to mention the first and second layers from Tilak, those travel with me everywhere.

On this year's February expedition to the Arctic Circle we went again in full numbers, i.e. 3 lecturers and 8 students. The casual observer must have thought this was a Tilak sponsored expedition. Seven of the eight course participants were wearing Tilak clothing, not to mention the lecturers. I was, of course, more than pleased to see such a sight. I guess, as I used to be when I was a Nikon believer, I was happy to see the Nikon brand around me. 

One thing I'm even more pleased about - when I started working with Tilak, I was either all alone on expeditions with the brand or every now and then a participant would pull out a mostly vintage model goretex jacket. Today the situation is different and the vast majority of my expeditions resemble this February's expedition to Lofoten. Tilak all around. I can only hope that I have also contributed my part to the successful spread of this brand among the photographic community.

Jan Šmíd, MasterQEP



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