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TIND x AIRA - which one is right for you?

When we introduced the Aira jacket in April, customers asked for a comparison with the Tind. At first glance, two very similar windbreakers simply beg to be put side by side. Here we go!


We are getting ready for the summer season, so we made the Aira jacket (blue) in April and the Tind jacket (black) in May. If you're thinking it's basically the same jacket, watch out, because these two windbreakers are a beautiful example of how slight differences in fit and technical details lead to diametrically opposed pieces of outerwear. In short, if you walk more in the mountains, the Tind is a better choice, if you run, the Aira is the one for you. But if you want to know more, read on.



We start from the head, i.e. the hood. Tind has a more technical, adjustable hood. You'll find a hood depth adjustment at the back and drawcords at the front of the collar. These are also stretched to the inside of the collar, where you can hide them. 



It's a nifty way of going about it, because this way you won't be threatened by loops flying in the wind. In contrast, the Aira has a really minimalist hood that is snug and requires no manipulation thanks to the elasticated brim. So you don't have to worry about the hood at all when running, and it holds itself in place so well.



Thumbholes - a grateful topic of outdoor enthusiasts, one loves them and the other hates them, so it's no wonder that they can be discussed long and passionately. But there's no need for that here - the Tind doesn't have thumbholes and the Aira does. Thus, supporters of both camps will find their own. The sleeves of both jackets are finished with an elastic cuff. 



Pockets - the Tind jacket has two classic, spacious zipped pockets on the sides. In the left pocket there is an extra loop, you'll find more about it below. With a hiking jacket, it's not a problem to carry anything in the pockets, nothing jumps around. On the other hand, the Aira running jacket has one small pocket on the chest (for a gel, a energy bar, or maybe keys) and one slightly larger pocket on the right side at the bottom. You can fit your phone in there, and again you'll find a hidden loop. 



This pocket is easy to pack the whole Aira into. The package measures approximately 15 cm in length and can be clipped on the strap wherever you want. The Tind is packed in the left side pocket, and because it is a roomier pocket, it measures about 20 cm when packed. The difference in weight between the two jackets is minimal, the Tind in size L weighs 155g and the Aira 130g.



Likewise, the materials used for production behave exactly the same - they are well mechanically resistant, breathable, can withstand backpacking and are DWR coated. The difference is the cut. While the Aira is in a tighter, sportier cut, the Tind is a looser, if you want a more civilian-looking jacket that's easier to put a bulkier base layer under. 

If you've read this far, you are now sure about which one is right for you. Tind for hiking, Aira for running, but both for having fun in the great outdoors!

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