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Sport Prague 95' - a glimpse into Tilak history

It's spring 1995, and Roman Kamler presents the Evolution jacket at an outdoor exhibition in Prague, where it wins the main prize. Join us for a look back, to the beginnings of Tilak evolution. The following text is a digitized article from the newspaper

The SPORT PRAG Spring 95' exhibition, which took place from 18 to 23 February, also featured exhibitions of companies from the Šumperk district. The manufacturers of bicycles VELAMOS and DBV Cycles exhibited there. However, the visitors and the jury were most impressed by the offer of the company KAMMsport from Šumperk.

This company is engaged in sewing quality down sleeping bags, designed for ordinary hiking or cycling to models for climbers moving in extreme conditions. However, the main goal of KAMMsport Šumperk is sewing sports clothing made of GORE-TEX® material. This material was also used to make the jacket, which was awarded first place in the sports equipment category by the expert jury.

After the success in Prague, we interviewed Roman Kamler, owner of KAMMsport Šumperk.

Could you tell us more about this excellent but still mysterious material GORE-TEX®?

GORE-TEX® has been around for about 25 years. During this time it has been sufficiently tested even in the most severe weather conditions. It was used, for example, by the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner, the man who was the first in the world to reach all 14 eight-thousand-foot peaks. GORE-TEX® is a Teflon membrane. It is neither an impregnation nor a sealant. For sporting purposes, the membrane is firmly laminated to the upper support fabric. This membrane is breathable for water vapour but impermeable to water. This means that GORE-TEX® is absolutely waterproof, windproof yet breathable.

In addition, with Gore-Tex products all seams are sealed with a special technology and are tested on special equipment.

You talked about a special seam treatment technology. But what will the customer do if the product is cut or otherwise mechanically damaged?

Our company provides full service and repairs. We give a one-year warranty on our products! Any mechanical damage can be sewn and resealed by us.

Can you tell us more about the winning jacket?

It is a high-end sports jacket for the most demanding use and extreme conditions under the brand name EVOLUTION. It is made of three-layer Gore-Tex with a Kevlar reinforcement, which makes this jacket extra resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Is your victory in Prague the first award for your products? 

No. Last year in Prague we won a special jury prize in the same category. This year we have achieved the highest award. Our success was underlined by the representative of the American company GORE, who expressed interest in the whole set (jacket and trousers) for the GORE collection, which will participate in the world's OUTDOOR 95' fair, focused on outdoor living.

The jacket continues to be praised. Does it have any shortcomings?

The only shortcoming I see is the price of this product, which is close to seven thousand crowns. Considering that it is a top-quality material in a top-quality design, the price is understandable. These products are very expensive even abroad. Yet we have orders for several months in advance. For this reason, our company is changing its production facilities and we will be recruiting more seamstresses in the near future.

Can you tell us how you actually create new models of your products?

All our products are tested in the field, among other things. We use the experience of expeditions that are supported by our company. We also draw on my own experience as an active mountaineer.

Can your products also be used for other sports?

Of course. We also sew windbreakers for leisure, hiking and cycling. All of them are waterproof, windproof and breathable, of course.

When did you first learn about GORE-TEX®?

I've known GORE-TEX® since my climbing beginnings, around 1980. In 1987 I was with the Czechoslovakian mountaineering team in the USA. At that time I was only involved in sewing down sleeping bags, which I produced under the KEMRLICH brand. In the USA I met an English mountaineer who exchanged my sleeping bag for a Gore-Tex jacket. I was so impressed by my own experience with this material that in 1992 negotiations were initiated with the GORE representative office in Germany and in 1993 I won a contract for the Czech Republic.

Could you tell us about the GORE company you work with? 

As I have already mentioned, it is an American company with branches in different parts of the world. It also deals with the production of surgical supplies such as transplants and others. GORE experts are in close contact with the NASA programme.

Will you continue to exhibit after your recent success?

Of course, we are practically already starting to work on new models for the autumn SPORT PRAGUE.


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