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Maintenance tips for Tilak products

It's better to wash the clothing more often with a small amount of detergent than just occasionally with a large amount.


In the case of heavier localised soiling (grease on the inside of the collar, hood or sleeve cuffs) it is advisable to clean these areas with a soft brush and a solution of lukewarm soapy water. Only then wash the whole product in the recommended manner.


If you wear your GORE-TEX® clothing by the sea or near salt water, you should rinse them regularly in fresh water. This will prevent the build-up of salt deposits that attract moisture. However, the function of the GORE-TEX® membrane is not impaired by salt water.


GORE-TEX® - washing and maintenance

Before washing the garment, fully fasten the main zipper, pockets and zippers on the vents and fasten all Velcro straps and lapels.


Machine wash in warm water (40°C) and use only a small amount of liquid detergent. Wash twice and limit wringing to avoid wrinkling the garment. Do not use powdered detergents or products that contain fabric softeners, fabric softeners, stain removers or bleach as these substances impair the functional properties of the garment. Do not wash with heavily soiled laundry.
Video - Washing membrane clothing with Fibertec Pro Wash


Dry garments on a line or in a tumble dryer; choose warm and gentle drying. Once the garment is dry, place it in the dryer for 20 minutes to restore the durable DWR water repellent treatment to the outer fabric.


If you cannot tumble dry the garment, iron it dry. Select a gentle ironing (warm without steam) and place a towel or tea towel between the garment and the iron. This procedure will also help to restore the durable DWR water repellent finish to the outer fabric.

Water repellent treatment

If it is no longer possible to restore the factory water repellent finish to the outer fabric, apply a water repellent product, available from outdoor equipment stores, to the outside of the garment.
Video - Impregnating membrane clothing with Fibertec Green Guard RT
PDF - Detailed maintenance instructions for GORE-TEX garments

Ventile® - washing and maintenance

Ventile® cotton products need to be cared for in a completely different way than you are used to with synthetic materials. Let's recall the functional principle of Ventile cotton - water soaks into the material on contact and the material swells. This pulls in the weave and the seam insertions. So if we use the same maintenance procedure as for membrane materials and impregnate Ventile with fluorocarbon or wax, we suppress the basic principle of the material's function and the jacket leaks.
Video - Washing Ventile clothing

Use non-aggressive detergents to wash Ventile cotton products. Deer soap is perfectly fine. Because the material is 100% natural and no chemicals are used to fix the colours, the material will fade a little after each wash. Like jeans. That's why it's good to wash clothes inside out. Do not twist or wring to avoid colour fractures.

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