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Summer adventures in the mountains are just around the corner. Whether it's via ferrata, climbing, hiking or camping, we can help you choose the right pair of pants for you!

An observant visitor may have noticed that we recently came up with an upgraded version of the popular Qualido pants. What's new? There are basically two major improvements. Let's take a closer look!

Firstly, we changed the material - now it is a lighter and weaker version of the proven softshell, which you can otherwise know from our Crux and Trango models (the same material is also used on the panels and sleeves of the Spike jacket). The new material is more elastic, very breathable and quick-drying, but still retains decent mechanical resistance and solid wind resistance.

The second major difference is the redesigned waistband - the belt loops are gone and replaced by an integrated belt (proven over the years on the Crux model), comfortable even with the harness on. The anatomical cut has been retained, as have the four pockets. Two classic open pockets at the waist and two vertical ones (for better access in the harness) on the thighs, closed with a zipper.


In both thigh pockets there is an integrated pocket for phone, GPS, etc. The narrow pant bottom will not hinder you when climbing or possibly using crampons on the glacier.

You will appreciate these features especially during more dynamic outdoor activities in the warmer half of the year. Qualido pants will be an ideal partner especially for via ferrata, mountaineering and alpine adventures, but they will still work great for classic hiking. When selecting the colours, we thought about the fact that the trousers shouldn't be too hot, for example, during glacier hikes in summer. We have just sewn the Qualido trousers and they are in stock in 4 colour options.


A close relative of Qualido is the Lofoten model. At first glance, the trousers are very similar, based on the same cut, including the arrangement of pockets. Nevertheless, the Lofoten trousers are unique in our range in terms of the materials used. We combine strategically placed panels of Ventile® cotton and medium-weight softshell.

This means the Lofoten are best fit for a completely different type of use. The Ventile® is not stretchy and therefore not an ideal choice for activities where a large range of motion is key (such as climbing). However, compared to a softshell, it offers a high level of fire resistance, better resists weather and is windproof.

This makes the Lofoten the best choice for bushcraft, camping and wandering in the woods, ideally in combination with a jacket of the same material. Ventile® cotton is used for the parts of pants that come into contact with bushes or wet undergrowth. In the picture below it is the darker green material.

The rest of the trousers are made of comfortable elastic softshell. It's important to mention that Ventile® as a 100% cotton material is not colour stabilized and will fade with use, but this will give the pants just the right, worn look. The material behaves in the same way as, say, jeans. The pants have belt loops at the waist for a 38mm wide belt.

The bottom edge of the open pocket is reinforced for the knife clip. Lofoten are also fresh out of production and can be found in our stores and e-shop in 3 colour options.



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