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Outdoor specialist from Šumperk and fashion brand from Vancouver. The unlikely alliance has given rise to a unique collection of high-end clothing.

Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and the capital of British Columbia. It is surrounded by mountains, oceans and coastal temperate rainforests, which are famous for their abundant rainfall and cold winter temperatures with excellent conditions for powder skiing. It was British Columbia's fascinating nature and dynamic environment that inspired us to create a technical apparel collection in collaboration with Canadian brand HAVEN, focusing on a lifestyle between the city and the outdoors.

Entitled "Icefield Infantry", the collection reflects the Canadian winter landscape and the struggle to survive in its harsh conditions on a daily basis. It is based on our most proven models, combining military austerity and purpose, uncompromising choice of the top-of-the-line materials and fine attention to detail.

Spike jacket HAVEN / Tilak


Raptor jacket HAVEN / Tilak 


Crux pants HAVEN / Tilak


Cap HAVEN / Tilak



Balaclava HAVEN / Tilak




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