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Climbing in the valley of Reisa river

As part of the testing of new products, my long-time partner Ivan and I once again ventured far north to Reisa National Park in Norway.

This time it was not only about ice climbing, but we also took photos and filmed promotional materials related to other winter activities in the Reisa River area. 

The first two days were a few degrees below zero and sunny. Ideal conditions. We climbed shorter ice, about 30 meters, in an arena close to the road. The idea is that with top belay, even inexperienced visitors to the valley could try something like this.

Then it started to snow, and that made climbing a bit more difficult. But we managed.

And then it started to snow really heavily. Twice we trampled our way under a beautiful icefall for almost two hours and struggled with snow up to our knees with our snowshoes. But it was really impossible to climb. The snow was rolling down the wall in avalanches and sometimes an overhang broke off at the top and went all the way down to the valley.

When the weather calmed down, we were given the task of sleeping lapland-style tent. The temperature dropped well below zero and we set off on snowmobiles to the plains above the valley. In the evening we went up the hill to try and take some shots, and then it was a night in the tent. The temperature outside was close to minus thirty and it wasn't much warmer in the tent :)

And then it came. A trip deep into Reisa National Park. We've been trekking for almost 4 hours with a loaded sledge. When we reach the lodge, it's 25 below zero. We light the fire and it helps a little, but the snow on the floor won't melt till morning. In the evening I have a sort of Nordic tingling, and it really comes off. The Aurora is shining and I'm spending a few hours outside in 30 below zero. But it was totally worth it.

In the morning we walk for almost two hours under the big icefall we chose for the climb. In the sun the cold has eased and the climbing is fantastic. A highlight of a beautiful trip.


Roman Kamler


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