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AIRA PERTEX - a light, sporty backup jacket


In April, we made this lightweight windbreaker for you, because it is best used from spring to autumn. Thanks to the properties of the Pertex® Quantum Air material, it is perfectly suited as a backup jacket for hiking in lower mountains and for physically demanding activities such as running or cycling.

One of the advantages of the Aira Pertex jacket is undoubtedly its light weight and excellent packability. The size L jacket weighs only 130 grams. At the same time, you can easily pack it into its own pocket and the jacket becomes a package measuring approximately 18 x 10 x 5 centimeters. You will always be happy to take this lightweight and foldable jacket with you, because it takes up minimal space in your backpack and fits into even the smallest running vest.

The fine and soft to the touch Quantum Air yarn perfectly balances high air permeability and wind resistance. In practice, this means that the Aira does an excellent job of releasing water vapor away from the body while staying  windproof. It is therefore well suited for intensive mountain hikes or long runs. Beware though - it's not a membrane material and you'll soon be wet in a heavy downpour. On the other hand, light snow, drizzle or even freezing fog will be well deflected by the jacket thanks to the DWR treatment.

While you may be used to less mechanical durability in similarly lightweight windbreakers, you don't have to worry about the Aira. Despite its light weight, the jacket is well resistant to abrasion and tearing. As far as technical details are concerned, this is truly a minimalist jacket where we have saved every gram during development. You'll find two external pockets. One down the side (where you can pack the jacket) and one on the chest. The sleeves are elasticated at the ends, with thumb loops. At the same time, they are long enough so that you can hide your whole hand in them if necessary, and they don't pull on your thumbs when you use the loops. There's a one-touch drawcord at the sides and the hood hem is elasticated so it stays in place well in the wind. And that's pretty much it - simplicity and premium material just work well together.

Aira Pertex is available at our e-shop in Black, Skydiver, Yellow curry and Merlot.

Aira Pertex Lady is also available in the e-shop in Black, Valiant poppy and Yellow curry. 



You don't often see Žaneta. She's either hiding in a glacial crevasse or climbing somewhere. She spends most of the year in Iceland, where there's plenty of ice to utilize her skills. But sometimes her work takes her far south, to the penguins. And that's where she's sending her greetings from!

My love of glaciers brought me to Antarctica. I go there for a season and work on the ship as a guide, a specialist in glacier crevasse extrication, lecturing about glaciers, driving the boat on landings, assessing the safety of the terrain, a bit of a jack of all trades.

Many people think that Antarctica is just an endless white plain. Endless, yes, but beautiful! Kilometre-high mountains rising straight out of the sea, animals adapted to the most extreme conditions, majestic glaciers - you can just feel the rawness and realness of it all. And the silence... it got me. When you take in the landscape, so pure and remote from anything we can imagine, you only realise how small us humans are and that without proper equipment you don't stand a chance here. I don't know, it's such a mixture of awe and humility, and I often wonder how this is actually my "job", you know?


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